St. Catherine

  Sharm El Sheikh

 From: Sharm El Sheikh Port

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Depart from Sharm El Sheikh heading to St.Catherine monastery.

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Visiting main features of the Monastery.

  • Catherine’s monastery built on the site where Moses (Prophet Musa) talked to God in the miracle of the Burning Bush and received the Ten Commandments. It has the second largest collection of illuminated manuscripts after The Vatican.
  • Within its imposing walls rests a citadel like no other, incredibly rich in important religious and historical structures such as, the church of the Emperor Justinian and the chapel of the Burning Bush and Jethro's wall. Also a very rare icons gallery and unique hanging documents such as a rare copy of Mohamed's prophet declaration referring to granting protection to the monastery and exempting it from the taxes as well as, Napoleons letter.

Heading to the hotel to serving lunch.

  • After finishing from this piece of art in Sinai's land we will go to have lunch

Serving lunch at the hotel.

  • in Sinai's land we will go to have lunch at a wonderful luxury beach resort in dahab village, stopping for capturing photos at a Bedouin camp.

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